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2022 Upcoming



With an Intensive Passion for Furniture, from conception to Product Styling and Construction, and having a lot of experience in high-end luxury Furniture Companies & International Brands , Fani Antoniou started a collaboration with Tsiklioti Individual Designs as the head Aesthetics Director, curating the styling a of the existing upholstery Furniture Collections and the creation of new ones, as well as the creation of 3d Interior Design scenes presenting the company’s products.

By making a research in the most Updated Suppliers of fabrics  and manufacturers of metal textures and paints, wood materials and colors,  she created palettes and moodboards that could unexpectedly fit to the Companies Products,  being capable of creating  new Contemporary, Stylish & Iconic Versions.

Meeting some of the most famous Fabric Brands, and composing textures, motifs, colours and materials with contemporary furniture forms she is creating ideal product concepts and she feels like the Image of the Company is about to be reborned.


Tsiklioti’s Vision is to create a new digital Branded experience where customers will be able to ultimately customize the products  according to their aesthetics and budget, and this is become more and more Possible …

A team of designers expertized in 3D Visualization are being curated  by Fani Antoniou to regenerate the company’s products, create new onews, and apply the material Collections in 3d environments, giving  an absolute sense of  high aesthetics, comfort and a variety of  Individual choices. Being a 3d – Interior Designer herself, and having experienced materials in both 3d and real spaces, including previous Design & Sales Collaborations with Furniture Brands as well as private projects, Fani knows exactly how the products should look in every occasion, blurring the lines between 3d and reality.

All the versions of each product are being worked in detail and  finalized in 3d studio environments  in order to be loaded in  Tsiklioti’s upcoming e-shop innovative experience,  with the products being easily customizable by the users.  And we are glad to have contributed so much in this innovative  breakthrough !


To show how the products and materials will look in the space and to make it easier and more interesting for Tsiklioti’s users to imagine the products in their space and combine them with each other,  Fani is the Creative Director of 3D Interior Design realistic scenarios including the company’s products in multiple styles, suggesting ideal combinations balancing with different interiors. Furthermore, and since Tsiklioti has also a unique procedure of designing and producing Bespoke upholstery furniture for their clients, Fani is the person proposing and placing bespoke products in every scene she creates, in order to inspire potential customers and to increase awareness for luxury- individually designed products.

Passionate about Perfection, with good knowledge in 3D Design Environments and an eye in the Global Design Scene daily, Fani believes that this Collaboration is about to change the users attitude and behavior in terms of choosing & Styling their furniture before buying them.