Tsiklioti Headquarters


Drymos, Thessaloniki


Business Offices


Partially Completed




Contemporary – Branding

Tsiklioti Individual Designs, a second generation company in North Greece, can proudly include itself among the most exquisite companies of custom made upholstery furniture. The company started as a small family production line back in 1981 and has been evolving through time to an avant-garde production unit since then, located in the area of Drymos, Thessaloniki.  The second generation is using the know-how & long term experience inherited and has been developing the technical, organizational & design part of the business. 

The need of renovating the main working spaces of the Factory arose out of the recent total Rebranding of the company’s profile. The family felt like it was time to renew the interiors and establish the Headquarters of the Brand with a new identity.

Starting from the entrance and front offices, the project was to design a contemporary calm atmosphere connected to its surroundings and inspire the team to work in harmony.


Fani Antoniou Interior Design team has been working close with the company’s design team all along the Rebranding process. After proposing a color branded Interior for the Headquarters, closely connected with the brand’s new identity, we designed the concept in different similar versions in order to perfectionize the depth and the tone of the color as well as the application of the color to the suggested materials.

The main offices had to be separated from the entrance and the corridor which is leading to the furniture production line. As the members of the team are interacting constantly during the working process, many times carrying wooden mold samples or large fabric rolls and different kinds of tools, the separation had to be a light installation. A custom system of coloured glass and curtains was designed and created in order to serve the need for open cooperation or isolation, depending on the circumstances. The view from the office windows to the fields of the area is creating a relaxing mood which sometimes had to be eliminated in order to draw the attention of the members in the interior during important meetings.

The lighting atmosphere was designed using only spot lighting in order to highlight the office surfaces as well as the most interesting spots and materials of the space. The need to focus in the interior inside an efficient and calm lighting environment was one of our main goals.

All the furniture was custom made and followed minimal aesthetics. A large bookcase full of  design books and magazines was designed to inspire Tsiklioti people to develop their skills, knowledge and aesthetics related to furniture and interior architecture.

The Minimal styling was curated by Fani Antoniou.

The dominating idea is “The Tree in the Concrete Rectangular Pedestal”. This decoration setting has a symbolic meaning and hopes  that as the tree will be taking roots and growing in the space so the next generation of the brand will be establishing and growing in time.