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Country Modern

At the foothills of mountain Vermio, back in 2018, a countryside detached house was about to be reborn!

The new owners, a young couple with two baby girls, pictured their dream house as a completely renovated interior space inside their 150m2 house. From our first meeting it was evident that we had to design everything from scratch and offer many customized solutions in order to fulfil all their intentions. Firstly, the space planning was critical since we wanted to create a wide open space from the entrance to the living and dining room, including visual contact towards the kitchen.

We also had to isolate three sizable bedrooms, two bathrooms and enough storage space separated from the main functional zones.  The view and the space around the house were astonishing and private therefore, we designed new openings to connect the outdoor with the in-house experience and let abundant light enter the inside space.

Regarding the aesthetical direction, it’s essential to mention that it was too complicated at first. The background story is that the couple had different views: Maria was dreaming of a classic-french country style house and her husband had a modern vision of a bold interior. Taking into consideration these approaches and since the property was situated in the suburbs of Naousa we were inspired to create a bespoke interior mixing classic with contemporary and country elements in balance.

The design procedure had many steps proposing different plans, materials and mood boards concluding with detailed 3D design visualizations. After the 3D presentation, we could all agree that everything was pieced together so harmoniously that we couldn’t wait to see it developed!

In order to create an open space that the owners would love, we removed a lot of walls and replaced them with large windows and separative custom furniture.  We also replaced the old floor tiles with extra-long rustic wood flooring. In order to balance the floor with the white empty sloping ceiling, we placed decorative rustic wooden timbers in specific distances after completing the lighting design.

To create a cosy atmosphere for family and friends, we placed a comfortable sofa in the middle of the living room facing a purposely-designed installation of an energy fireplace with the TV placed above and a swivel armchair on the corner. One of the most fun spots of the house is the reading nook with a huge new window, including books and decorative items, as well as enough storage and space offered for the children to play.

The dining table has been placed in the upper level right in front of the balcony doors, facing the green countryside and creating a continuous functional zone with the kitchen. Designing the kitchen was the most demanding part of the project since it required attention to detail: we had to position it within different walls and heights as well as to include a large window, sliding doors to enter the storage rooms and a big island in the middle. The final material mood board of the kitchen that the owners chose was so strong and interesting that inspired us to combine it with more materials and create a unique concept.

The styling and decoration of the house, curated exclusively by Fani Antoniou and her partners, was a big part of the project. Identifying ourselves as “perfectionists” we always try to find items, materials, colours and textures that not only fit with the completed interiors but also match with our clients’ personalities and lifestyle.