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Colour Branded-Mixed

In the centre of Thessaloniki and inside the 7th floor of a business building, an office space of 72m2 has been completely renovated.  The owner, a young passionate and alternative style Lawyer, was about to set up his new business and his desire was to introduce his brand with a distinctive approach. From the very beginning we recommended a colour branded Interior Design Concept dominating the space in different material versions which would also go along with the graphic design that was about to follow.

At the same time, our complementary idea was to maintain some classic elements relevant to the image of an established lawyer’s office however, transforming them into something fresh and contemporary.

Of course, to blur the lines between classic and contemporary became our ultimate Challenge!

We started the process by designing the floor plans and separated the space in three functional zones : the entrance/waiting room with a small reception desk and a custom mini-bar corner, the office room in the middle which can work either as a meeting room or reading space which also includes a large bookcase with additional space for documents and the main Lawyer’s office room in the end of the corridor, private, where the view from the windows and the physical light filling the space would create a more intellectual atmosphere.

In order to design the custom furniture for the project, we were initially inspired by classic elements like chesterfield sofas, showcase libraries, old-style wall paintings and materials like marble, wood, velvet fabrics and gold metals. During the development of the concept, we managed to integrate these elements in the contemporary Interior by redesigning them in minimal forms and by applying modern versions of the same materials like ceramic surfaces, brushed oak wood, black or brushed bronze metals and some of the latest fashion trends in fabric collections.

The styling of the space constituted a significant part of the project as well. We attended to every detail and every item we suggested for the space, placing it accordingly to complete a meaningful and well-decorated business office Interior in order to enhance the image of our client’s Brand.