K&N Apartment


Kalamaria, Thessaloniki


Residential Private


Partially Completed




Contemporary Artistic Elegance

At the east side of Thessaloniki, a 5th floor apartment is being partially Renovated. The residence belongs to a family of a young couple who have three boys and a cat. At our initial meetings, it became obvious that this should be a demanding project: the living room didn’t have a proper sun orientation therefore, the light was always insufficient. The family members had different needs to be met with in the common spaces whereas the really young cat was curious to “explore” the existing furniture daily!

Our process started by giving the owners the proper consultation about Renovating Procedures while assessing the best versions that their home could turn into, we decided to work together starting by the Living –Dining & Entrance spaces. The goal was to redesign everything from scratch, while giving the sense of a new built modern apartment with bespoke furniture and by lighting artificial environments. Furthermore, we thoroughly researched new materials durable to pets and children’s way of living.

The owner’s additional vision was to integrate authentic artwork into the new concept and complete the space’s Decoration and Styling with us, bringing all the ideas together.

After taking every detail of these briefings into consideration, we started the design procedure by creating plans with a large U shape comfortable sofa in the middle of the living room, which provided enough seating space for everyone, upholstered with a light grey delicate fabric and certified to meet all of our clients’ standards. An armchair that belongs to the category of Loveseats was designed & dressed with a velvet Pied De Poule empossed texture. Purposely placed next to a custom furniture synthesis with hidden light, it created a cosy reading corner. In the middle of the space, a double rounded collection of coffee tables was set, making it easy to move them towards different directions. Lastly, the durable ceramic surface representing onyx marble was chosen to add elegance and functionality.

Behind the sofa lays the dining table, accompanied by a large sideboard and six well-designed chairs. The stable and imposing dining table base made of brushed brass is balancing with the warmth of oak wood surfaces and details of onyx marble, emphasizing contemporary elegant and timeless aesthetics.

There, in the best position it could be, an authentic artwork experimenting with people and their emotions has been placed, which was purchased after a thorough research in International Fine art Galleries. Finally, a metal table light with a living form was sculptured and placed together, to complete the artistic sense of the scene.


At the entrance corridor, a minimal console table with a rounded mirror above it, serve both functionality and high aesthetics, reflect the whole dining area and give the sense of an enlarged space.

The Lighting Design and Modelling Study was one of the best parts of the Project.

Since we knew a lot of artificial light was needed, and the creation of multiple lighted environments was desired, we suggested the installation of a modern system operated by a mobile phone app which connects lights together and establishes atmospheres according to the users’ habits and desires. We placed different kind of lights on the ceiling and walls, designing new forms with an artistic and Luxury Sense which draw total attention to the Interior lighting, giving the sense that nothing is missing.

Another synthesis of furniture, art and Light, has been specially designed on the right side of the Living room. A complex combining a minimal chest of drawers storing the owner’s Guitar collection, a small stand with two lovely shaped stool bars and one piece of art from the same Art Collection, surrounded by two artistic wall Lamps, synthesize a corner where relaxing and enjoying experiences take place.