Endomedica Clinique


Tsimiski Str. Thessaloniki


Business Spaces – Medical




2020 – 2021


Contemporary Chic

Situated in the heart of Thessaloniki, on Tsimiski Street, an old 6th floor apartment was transformed into a unique Endocrinology and Diabetology Clinic. The initially long and narrow space was divided and designed specifically to serve its users’ functional needs and at the same time to be characterised by a modern, elegant and timeless aesthetic, showcasing individual classic elements in their most modernized version.

The main goal, which guided the design philosophy of the Project, was to achieve a more “friendly” stylistic approach to the user’s experience, while maintaining the decency of a medical space. From the first stage of the study, the predominant aim was to avoid a dull and aesthetically cold space and, along with the preservation of the wooden floor in herringbone formation and the new company logo, these three constituted the central inspiration for the formulation of the final Concept.

All furniture and lighting were exclusively designed and manufactured for the needs of the project. Velvet textures in blue-grey and gold shades were selected and combined with curved forms, bronze metals, gold and white lacquers, ceramics in marble facades and a bold presence of wood.

Facing the entrance, the reception furniture was designed with hidden lighting, in glossy white and gold lacquer. Three different seating areas were designed for the comfortable waiting area, which can accommodate up to ten people. The first composition consists of a three-seater sofa in blue velvet texture, a wooden wall construction with discreet use of an open wardrobe and two paintings signed by Alekos Fasianos, framed with selected materials. At the centre of the area, there is a specially designed furniture from oak wood and white glass being used as a Coffee station with a built-in mini bar.

Beside the opening doors towards the balcony, taking advantage of the natural light of the space, an imposing library was set up containing medical books and magazines, a glass stand with two comfortable half-benches and two special bronze pendant lamps with airy forms. Between the waiting area and the medical room, a square space welcomes the visitor with circular sitting forms in velvet textures that aim at their temporary relaxation before the examination.

A stricter approach was chosen for the doctors’ premises with the same materials in cooler shades. Modern corner offices and bookcases were designed with hidden lighting and dedicated document storage areas in black matt embossed oak wood, combined with glossy materials such as white glass and ceramic in marble appearance. The ordinary leather guest chairs were replaced with new ones of contemporary design and specific fabrics with a friendly feel in their texture.

Lighting played a decisive role in the vibe of these spaces; metal light fixtures were exclusively designed and painted in off black electrostatic paint. Their function is double; they either offer direct spotlight onto the offices creating an atmospheric vibe, or they illuminate the whole space according to the client’s needs and use.