Design & Meeting Studio


El. Venizelou, Thessaloniki


Business Offices






Contemporary Classic

In the historical Centre of Thessaloniki, on El.Venizelou Street, a particularly “rich” eclectic building is standing out for its unique architecture. Built in 1928, “Stoa Levi-Menexe” is still populous houzing mainly offices and  preserving it’s neoclassical elements.

Respecting the history and the neoclassical rythm of the spaces, our work was to renew the Design & Meeting studio of Tsiklioti Individual Designs Company, situated in the second floor of the building.


The brand is getting  inspired by distinct historical eras creating unique furniture collections and bespoke products. A significant part of that inspiration derives from the historical neighborhood and the building’s architecture.

The concept of creating the new Design & Meeting Studio of the brand was to combine harmoniously the classic style of the dominating elements of the building with the contemporary philosophy of the Brand, designing a modernized version of the space with timeless aesthetics.


Highlighting the upholstery products and the unique fabric collections of the company was also our main goal. We designed and created bespoke furniture and custom installations with hidden lights in order to serve the functionality  procedures  of the company.

The creative design team of the brand,working close with the salespersons, is meeting in the space with architects, interior designers or private clients  in order to provide an ad-hock experience of creating bespoke products.

This process has been detailed studied in the space in order to work with a flow in a pleasent atmosphere with proper lighting, comfortable seatings and interesting furniture capable of proper sampling and storaging.

The presentation of designs and furniture products through on-line meetings by the company team have been included in the functional design of the space, comfortably satisfying the communication needs of the Brand and at the same time emphasizing its extroversion.

The placement and styling of the companies products as well as the general styling of the space had to be interested and simple at the same time. A variety of different textures of fabrics, wood, metal and cement, rare plants, minimal lighting systems together with imposing hanging lightings and special decoration elements are all combined in balance with the building creating a modernized version and highlighting the Brand’s corporate identity.