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Personalized interior architecture & space planning | Design,selection & construction of furniture | Lighting study | Decoration

Αbout the Βrand.

Fani Antoniou Interior Design is a modern boutique Design Brand, specialized in Bespoke interior design, architecture & decoration with a unique and special stylish approach, proposing personalized solutions for both residential and business spaces.

Embedded in our philosophy is to create environments with elegance, comfort and timeless aesthetics that reflect the ambitions and desires of our customers.

The interior architect & decorator Fani Antoniou

Αbout the Interior Designer.

Fani Antoniou is a passionate Interior Architect & Decorator, with over fifteen years of experience and studies, constantly updating her attitude by following the International Design Scene. 

Having attended the School of Interior Architecture, Decoration and Object Design in Athens (BA), and after completing different design Projects engaging with people & space, she strongly believes that through substantially designed forms and synthesis of materials, lighting and colours, every space can turn into an experience where individual’s emotions are positively awakening.

The aim of the design studio is to remain a small-sized but high level enterprise; Fani wants to be involved in every Project offering clients a highly creative conceptual and ultimately personal Design service, ensuring that the work will be always meeting her standards of perfection. 

Project Implementation

We bring ideas to life!

Qualified team of partners and suppliers
under our guidance.

Indicative partners

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Our team

For the successful implementation of each project, the company has the right partners that it can trust after years of successful collaborations; a valuable and qualified team of specialized craftsmen, manufacturers, suppliers of materials, lighting, furniture and decoration, all perfectly synchronized under the guidance of Fani, in order to carry out the requirements of each Project, within time and predetermined budget.

What we do.

Bespoke Interior Design, Decoration and
Implementation Services

Expertized Interior Architecture, market research and implementation in collaboration with reliable Brands & manufacturers

  • Design, space planning & decoration of interior spaces Application Study | 3D Design
  • Creative synthesis & selection of quality modern materials for flooring, kitchen, bathroom, masonry and interior doors
  • Furniture & lighting study
  • Design & and construction of special bespoke models | Installation
  • Proposals & application of interior shading systems
  • Selection of authentic works of art & exclusive carpets
  • Creation of interior branding & corporate identity
  • Specialized Creative Direction and Interior Stylingof spaces and products for professionals
  • Online design and decoration depending on the project

Contact us!

Take the first step. Let’s design your wonderful interior together!

“Each Interior Design study is approached differently.”

How we work.

Design, decoration and implementation stages

We offer targeted Interior design and Decoration services according to the needs of each client and in relation to the available space.

Whether it’s a renovation, a new built space design or a restyling, the right approach and a deep understanding of its unique circumstances is needed first.

  • 1. Familiarity with the space and users & advisory guidance

    By experiencing your way of life, the parts you want to improve, your own style whether you have established one or not,and by exploring the existing space and the people who will be using it, we gain the ability to start a pleasant Design Process adjusted to your needs.

    Once we outline the briefing and decide together the Design Services and Visualization methods we are going to follow, as well as the timeplan of the project implementation, we start the design process.

  • 2. Design Proposals, Aesthetics and Presentation

    By conducting a complicated research about aesthetics and design approaches, we synthesize and create your targeted proposals. Afterwards, we prepare a Presentation for you to decide on the preferable plans, materials & style, guiding you to make the best choices according to your needs, aesthetics and budget.

  • 3. Application study, Market Research and Project management

    Then, we develop the Project Implementation and the Application study. We search and propose the best materials, furniture, lightings, textures, space accessories and decoration items that fit the new design concept. We also analyse the technical drafts for bespoke constructions with our craftsmen and develop extraordinary combinations by choosing every detail. Your participation during this process is important as we are interested in incorporating elements of your personality and also want to ensure that the choices will meet your standars.

  • 4. Implementation, Installations and Supervision

    The Project Installation and the interior Styling are the final Steps of enthusiasm; we ensure that everything is properly placed and enjoy watching your thrilled faces filled with excitement in a totally new environment that in most cases you could have never imagined!